Metro Atlanta Special Interest Half Day all Inclusive Sightseeing Tour

$65.00 per person/Half Day

Metro Atlanta Special Interest all Inclusive Half Day Sightseeing Tour is awesome.  This grand tour travel through out the city of Atlanta.  Traveling south on our famous Peachtree Street, Peachy Keen Tourism Travel guests will see Lenox Mall, exquisite hotels, stately mansions, magnificent yards  and gardens.

Midtown Atlanta is super, see Woodruff Arts Center, Margaret Mitchell House Museum, Fabulous Fox Theater, historic Georgian Terrace Hotel, historic churches, and Atlantic Station.

Downtown Atlanta is historic, see the beginning of the city of Atlanta.  Downtown Atlanta is home to Coca Cola Museum, President Jimmy Carter Center Museum Library, Historic West End Village, Atlanta Government Center, Cable News Network (CNN), and Georgia Aquarium.


Auburn Avenue African American Half Day all Inclusive Sightseeing Tour

$65.00 per person/Half Day

Auburn Avenue African American Heritage all Inclusive Half Day Sightseeing Tour is wonderful.  Peachy Keen Tourism Travel guests will see residents of Atlanta Civil Rights Foot Soldiers, Atlanta Civil Rights Headquarters (Paschal Restaurant), Atlanta Student Movement Street,  Georgia first Black public high school, Atlanta University Center (HBCU), SNCC Headquarter office, Atlanta Black Crackers (Negro League Baseball), Historic Herndon Home Mansion Museum (from enslaved to Georgia first Black millionaire), Historic West End Village (vegan restaurants), Shrine of the Black Madonna,  APEX Museum, Martin Luther King Jr., National Historic Site, Madame  CJ Walker Salon Museum, and Historic Wheat Street Baptist Church.


Stone Mountain Park Eco Tour/Stone Mountain Village Half Day Tour

$65.00 per person/Half Day

Stone Mountain Park Eco Tour/Stone Mountain Village Tour is simply the best.  Peachy Keen Tourism Travel guests will experience the largest granite rock on the planet.  A must see is the Old Steam Engine, the Grist Mill, Stone Mountain Park Covered Bridge, and Stone Mountain Park Walk-Up Trails.


Historic Wheat Street Baptist Church Full Day Downtown Red Line Hop on Hop off Tour Loop

$85.00 per person/Full Day

We want all of our customers to experience an impressive level of professionalism when working with  Peachy Keen Tourism Travel Unlimited.  Spend all day discovering all of Downtown Atlanta, see historic West End Village community.  Check out Atlanta own native son-Trap Music Museum, Centennial Olympic Park, Tyler Perry Studios is a must see.  Experience Vine City community, Auburn Avenue  District, once considered the wealthiest Black community in America.  See the church where the phrase "I Am Somebody" was coined,  William Homes Boarders and Historic Wheat Street Baptist Church, WERD Radio Station (the first Black owned radio station in America), see the street that gave young Martin Luther King Jr., his first job, the Highland area is a blast, Underground Atlanta, Atlanta Government Center, visit Downtown Atlanta three great city Markets, check out Whole Food Store, and so much more to experience on the awesome tour. See all of Downtown Atlanta  attractions-from Georgia Aquarium  to Cable News Network (CNN).  This grand tour is simply the best of the best.


StarStruck in Atlanta Half Day all Inclusive Sightseeing Tour

$65.00 per person/Half Day

Lights-Cameras-Actions.  Are You impressed by Atlanta's popularity contest?  If you are, then,  this is the tour for you.  Visit places in Atlanta where some of your  most iconic beloved movies were filmed.  Check out homes and area sites where films, movies, and variety shows were filmed in Atlanta.  You must see Madea House, Atlanta City Hall, and Georgia State Capitol.  These are all institutions where movies were filmed in Georgia.  A must see is the institution that provided wardrobe for the movie Black Panther.


Hurricane Payne Full Day Sightseeing Shuttle Tour

$65.00 per person/Full Day

Hurricane Payne Full Day Sightseeing Shuttle Tour is magnificent.  This grand shuttle fast pace  tour travel through out the city of Atlanta.  This tour is design for small groups on a budget and  on the go.  Starting at Lenox Mall, guests can go shopping or go on an adventure.  Check out West Buckhead Village Shopping Center, Atlanta History Center, Midtown Atlanta, and Downtown Atlanta.

Sydney Streets

Atlanta Special Interest Sightseeing  Tour and Georgia Winery Eco Sightseeing  Tour

$32.00 per person base price

Looking for a little of this and a little of that. Here we have two unique tours in one, two different tour companies will provide the best of both worlds. Tour the bright lights of Atlanta and rural Georgia pristine  winery rural  Eco Tour.


Atlanta Civil Rights Foot Soldiers Half Day all Inclusive Sightseeing Tour

$65.00 per person/Half Day

SOLDIER DOWN. Civil Rights icons to humanity, we never asked them to stop the fight.  This tour is in honor of our Civil War, Civil Rights, Human Rights Foot Soldiers.  This tour is very dear to me,  several years ago I was asked to create a historic tour of Atlanta Civil War-Civil Rights-Human Rights Foot Soldiers.  The family that approached me, also, were Foot Soldiers and in their honor, I created this half day all inclusive tour of Atlanta's soldiers of humanity and the institutions that nourished their resilience.  This family gave me names and homes of our beloved icons.   My only regret is that, this family is not here today to take  my tour.  Thank you for the knowledge that you entrusted with me.

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Atlanta Landmark Half Day all Inclusive Sightseeing Tour

$65.00 per person/Half Day

Chasing Atlanta history through architectural structures design.  Experience historic  Atlanta with Peachy Keen Tourism Travel, this unique tour will travel back in time and revisit movers and shakers of yesterday through architectural structures and design.


Educational Group Tours for Teachers

$350.00 base price, call for consultation

 All of our services, especially this one, exist to make your life easier and stress free. Our teachers are extraordinary people, we created our  Educational Group Tour category specific for Teachers and students. If you feel you need to add to your special day, that's  OK.   If you feel you need to take away from this itinerary, that's too is OK.  We will assist you in finalizing your itinerary special day  with Peachy Keen Tourism Travel.


Made In Georgia Road Trip Travel Tour

$150.00 per person/Base Rate

From big cities lights to small towns USA.  Peachy Keen Tourism Travel introduce guests to the state of Georgia small town jewels and coastal Islands get-away tour and travel packages: 

  1. Savannah

  2. Sapelo Island

  3. St. Simon Island & Little St. Simon Island

  4. Tybee Island

  5. Jekyll Island

  6. Okefenokee Swamp

  7. Brunswick & the Golden Islands

  8. Historic Griffin/Warm Spring

  9. Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountain

  10. Historic Jonesboro

Country Road

Downtown Atlanta Graffiti Arts Sightseeing Tour

 $32.00 per person/Two Hours

Urban arts on my streets, an unconventional tour for conventional guests.  Downtown Atlanta is filled  with history and charm.  A must see is the Atlanta Urban Arts seen, Check out the variety of murals that decorate the walls of our city.   This two hours tour is a blast.


Atlanta Sports Travelers Package

$15.00 per person base price/24 Hours

Airport pick up is 24 hours services, we went all out to supply you with the best products, and top quality customer service.  Atlanta Sports Travelers Package, designed with you in mind, the sports  enthusiast.  Are you traveling to Georgia for sport activities?   Peachy Keen Tourism Travel is all you need.  Check us out, we provide the following for your special day.

  • Airline Ticket

  • Hotel Accommodation

  • Transfers to Your Hotel

  • Airport Shuttle/Round Trip

  • Transport to Sport Activities

  • Half Day Sightseeing all Inclusive City Tour


Seasonal Tours

$65.00 per person base price/Half Day

Follow Peachy Keen Tourism Travel as we celebrate the best of Atlanta Holiday spirit.  Whatever your season is, Peachy Keen Tourism Travel is here to celebrate your favorite day-your birthday-your passion.  Call for your private celebratory tour, Peachy Keen Tourism Travel honor the following:

  1. New Year's Day

  2. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  3. Black History Month

  4. Valentine Day

  5. Memorial Day

  6. Juneteenth Day

  7. Independence Day

  8. Labor Day

  9. Veterans Day

  10. Thanksgiving Day

  11. Christmas Day

  12. Kwanzaa

  13. Your Happy Birthday Day

  14. Anniversary

  15.  Weddings & Honey Moons

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Atlanta Plantation Half Day all Inclusive Sightseeing Tour

$75.00 per person/Half Day

Peachy Keen Tourism Travel explores several Plantation in metro Atlanta.  This tour will go to small town USA and  experience America plantation system.


Battle of Atlanta Civil War Half Day all Inclusive Sightseeing Tour

$75.00 per person/Half Day

Peachy Keen Tourism Travel guests will experience several Civil War Battlefields in metro Atlanta.  Guests will see several sights where majors battles took place in Atlanta.

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